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Good News! Large price advantage for our LED Strips

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Dear Customer,

You will be pleased to hear that the general managers of Dawn Lighting, have been reviewing and restructuring the price levels of a number of our products across the LED lighting range.


Most notably the LED Strip – DL’s biggest selling product – has been reduced in price by a minimum of 10% and in some instances as much as 20%.


Dawn Lighting have been offering high quality LED Strip since opening in 2009 and the reductions come following an annual review of prices.We offer a number of innovative options, not only colour dimmable RGB+W but also constant current strips, bespoke Silicone Waterproofing and mood reflective intelligent colour management.We understand the need to stay competitive within a fast moving market place and meeting diverse worldwide expectations is something which needs to be constantly monitored.


The great news is that the new prices are available for both new and existing clients. If you are looking to begin to carry LED Strip, or if you currently purchase LED Strip from another provider, please do not hesitate to contact us to provide you with more information about the quality standards we offer and our new price structure.

Dawn Lighting pleased to announce new product.
In addition to price reductions, we are also pleased to introduce their new range of Panel Light to the market. After reviewing the market place we have seen an opportunity to offer a cost effective yet high performance product perfectly suited to compliment the current LED range.


The Panel Light offers a flexible lighting solution with adjustable light angle, various surround colour options and a wide voltage range of AC100-240V to suit most markets. With an ‘anti-dazzle’ design and utilising one of the highest quality Taiwan LED chips, this is a high quality product but with a competitive edge subject to the pricing reviews DL have recently been undertaking.

LED panel lights are an ideal lighting option for any commercial or hospitality sector project. From museums and art galleries to restaurants and retails space, these products, with a high CRI output, are ideal for highlighting any area in need of additional definition.


For further information on all DL product please do not hesitate to contact your representative or contact us on +86 755 23428850 or toll free: 400 003 7099.


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