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Retail outlets are switching over to LED lighting

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More and more retail outlets are switching over to LED lighting. We thought we would explore the reasons why, as well as looking into what pitfalls, if any, remain.


As internet shopping takes over more and more of a consumers purchasing habits, the once ubiquitous store is being forced to redesign itself. From being even more customer service orientated to offering customers a more in-depth look at the brand and associated to products, light is become more important all the time. Retailers needs the lighting to be right to suit their customers and to highlight their products. Colour rendering has always been important for in retail lighting as it is important to show your products in the best possible light, making whites crisp and colours vivid. LED lighting has now outstripped traditional halogen lights in colour quality, which used to be the standard.


In the past sourcing quality LEDs was a bit of a minefield, but it is getting easier and easier to find the best LEDs at prices that are getting more competitive every day. Unfortunately this has yet completely made up for all the awful LEDs that were released into the market, so there are now a lot of LED sceptics out there. Even with long warranties there is a slow process building back trust, but more customers are trying LEDs again.


Proving the cost and environmental benefits long term of switching to LED lighting has easy for a long time and is get more effective with the advances in LED lighting. Sadly this often isn’t enough to convince everyone to go ahead with the upfront costs, even when expenses will be made back in less than a year. Because LED lighting offers massive improvements to energy efficiency over traditional halogen lights, a lot of the bigger retailers are making the switch while some waiting in the wings to see if LED lighting pans out, which of course it has.


As more retailers come to understand the idea that light has an impact on sales and pressures on reduce carbon footprints and cost as well as branding and sales, switching to LED has become more important.
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