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Office LED Lighting Project

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This case is Shenzhen Dawn Lighting Co,Ltd designs indoor LED lighting program for a large mobile exporting manufacturer in Shenzhen, which is Shenzhen XX Technology Co,Ltd. We tailored lights for ffices, meeting rooms , workshops , warehouses,etc.The whole  installation combines lighting , decoration, with landscaping maintenance, practically bring profits to customers.

It coves an area of 15,000 square meters, office is plotted into 4 area, A, B, C, D. We have technical staff consulted installation, combined with brightness, illusmination flux, beautiful appearance, LED panel light series were recommended and adopted. They covered our items as 600* 600mm, 300 * 600mm, 600 * 1200mm. Specific Model : DL-P6060-48W, DL-P3060-30W, DL-P6012-72W.
In the office corridor area, using our LED flexible light strip , 3000K golden light as the Tibetan scene lighting , specific models : DL-FLS60-5050-WW; In addition, other office areas and mobile testing lab , is adopted the T8 LED Grille , sizes : 600 * 600mm, 600 * 1200mm, LED lamp specifications : T8 0.6m 10W white (6000-6500K) and 1.2 m 18W white (6000-6500K).
Large conference room and reception area of the company , we are using LED downlights , bright white ceiling by Tyrant golden reflection , with LED lights hidden light , the overall decoration of the luxurious atmosphere grade. In addition the production area , we are using a double-tube bracket with cover 1.2 m 21W T8LED fluorescent tubes. In the warehouse area , we used a bright LED high bay light 100W lamp explosion combined , the overall safe and bright .
From production to install the entire duration of less than 21 days ; installed lighting statistics as : LED panel light : 368 sets ; LED light bar : 1200 m ; LED downlights 683 sets , LED lamp : 3800 sets ; LED Day lantern : 260 sets ; LED mining lamp : 170 sets. Installation effect much customer acceptance ; won the customer satisfaction from timeliness, professionalism, quality upper and recommend our services to other customers.
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